Tarleton Community Primary School

At Tarleton Community Primary School, we aim to find the extraordinary in every child so that we celebrate, develop and nurture their uniqueness to ensure that they meet our TCP ABC to Achieve their academic potential; Believe in themselves and are confident; Create and be creative in many ways, especially in their access to the arts.

We serve the rural village of Tarleton and surrounding areas and are a school that is passionate about education and learning so that our children and staff have the perfect conditions to grow themselves in a kind, friendly and forward thinking manner. We are proud members of the Axia Learning Alliance, something very new and innovative in the region and of course our local TaRDis Cluster where there are many opportunities to work with colleagues and be at the forefront of developing school sport where the group has devised activity based provision to encourage all children to be active.

The school has excellent music provision and an award winning choir. Our curriculum uses ‘Legends’ to hook the children and for them to learn about exceptional and inspirational people from all backgrounds. This is underpinned further with our commitment to equality as a No Outsiders School covering issues around diversity including LGBT and racism so that our children leave us as kind, well-rounded, resilient young people.

The school is a real leader in the area of staff supervision to ensure the well- being and productivity of everyone involved and we look forward to supporting you in the first steps of what is the best job in the world.

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