Lostock Hall Community Primary School

Lostock Hall Community Primary School is a two-form entry school with a Pre-School, which offers a curriculum that allows our children to gain skills that will equip them for the rest of their lives. We nurture talents and provide secure foundations for learning. Our inclusive curriculum has a clear purpose to enable a progressive learning journey of knowledge, skills and creativity. Our inclusive school has high expectations for all our children to encourage them to be ambitious and enable them to reach their potential, proving that ‘hard work pays off’!

Our school community is very important to us and we work collaboratively with pupils, staff, Governors and our PTFA. Our strong team have supported many Training Teachers to reach their career goals and professional development is key to many of our plans to support staff.

At Lostock Hall Community Primary School, we ask everyone to ‘be the best that you can be’!

Lostock Hall Community Primary School is part of Axia Learning Alliance.

Our focus is: ‘Collaboration, Innovation, Community’

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