St James’ Catholic Primary School

The staff at St. James’ Catholic Primary School are inspired to lead the next generation of children and teachers alike. Our bespoke knowledge-based curriculum is designed with children at the heart and pupil voice is key. We offer rich, hands-on, vibrant learning opportunities which are ambitious for all. Our school programme is balanced and holistic to ensure we meet the needs of all our children. It is essential for children to develop knowledge, skills and understanding which are the building blocks for their future. We recognise individual’s prior learning and always strive to ensure they make the best possible progress.

Christian values permeate throughout school life. Our School is a family; a happy place where we can experience life together and where decisions are made with children at the heart of all we do. Lifelong learning is our aim and we encourage all stakeholders to contribute towards this. The high morale amongst staff, children, parents and governors at St. James’ is an indicator of the ongoing commitment and hard work to engage with the wider community. We have a strong team who share and support one another. Previous trainee teachers have enjoyed and accelerated their learning during their time at St. James’. With your passion, drive and commitment, we can skilfully support you in your journey to a rewarding career in teaching.

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