Delph Side Primary School

At Delph Side, we represent and support some of the most disadvantaged families in the country, our school acts as a shining beacon for our community, a hub of aspiration and determination, mixed with a haven of sanctuary, support, kindness and simple consistency.

Our team are dedicated, working in ‘synergy’, pushing each other to strive for the best for our children, living our values, day in day out, in all we do. Every teacher at the school is a leader; we teach, we represent, we support, we inspire, we guide, we encourage, we collaborate, we evolve, we enrich, we strive, we laugh, we empower, we celebrate, we reflect, we open doors, we believe… we, as our vision states, ‘Make the Difference’.

Choose us to start your teaching career and we, the Delph Side family, will guide you on your journey, supporting you and encouraging you – allowing you to succeed.

Gold Winners of ‘Pearson Primary School of the Year’ 2019, broadcast on the BBC

Kensington Primary School - Kensington Primary... Primary School of the Year !

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