We offer 3 PGCE programmes:
  • Early Years Education with QTS
  • Primary Education with QTS
  • Primary Physical Education Specialist with QTS

Our PGCE with QTS programmes combine professional ‘on the job’ training in our network of schools, with your Masters level academic study taking place at Edge Hill University.

The PGCE programmes will provide you with high-quality initial teacher education experience. They will prepare you to teach across the 3-7 age range in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, or the 5-11 age range in Key Stages 1 and 2. Spending a significant amount of time working across our network of schools, you will be supported in meeting the Teachers’ Standards, gaining the professional skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes necessary for a successful two-year induction as an early career teacher.

By enrolling with Forward First, you will be entering into an exciting, life-long partnership with the next generation of great, creative and passionate primary teachers. We will offer you guidance, support and training that is tailored to what you need in the ever-changing teaching landscape. Bespoke support will be provided by teams of professionals who are approachable, reliable and forward thinking in their approach to teaching and learning.

Our programme is centred around hands on experience of working in school. A First Aid qualification is an essential life skill. It helps people remain safer by appreciating risk. Therefore, as a part of the course Forward First Trainees will become fully qualified paediatric and mental health first aid practitioners. Also, all of our trainees will have the opportunity to work alongside a fully qualified Forest School Practitioner as well as gaining first-hand experience in our dedicated SEND unit.

As a Forward First Trainee, you  will benefit from a diverse knowledge pool from nine local schools with excellent professional development opportunities and time to explore and expand your knowledge base, whilst developing other areas of the curriculum.  With the job market being extremely competitive, the array of experiences and teaching time will boost your confidence, engender good leadership skills and help you stand out.

Please click on the links below to find out more about each of our courses.

PGCE Primary Early Years with QTS
PGCE Primary Education with QTS
PGCE Primary PE Specialist with QTS